New Patient Registration


Please note that given the rapid increase in our list size over 2020/21 we are currently only accepting new patients to the local area who do not have a local GP.

We accept patients within the L31 boundary for all services and outside of L31 for all services except home visits (see map below).

Current patients moving out-of-area must complete an additional form and meet specified criteria. 


Step One: Complete the registration form (Online, print the form or request at reception)

New patient registration form (pdf to print)

Please Note: These are legal documents and require full completion for registration


Step Two: Provide identification (permanent and temporary residents) 

A combination of the following can be accepted as identification (it is preferable that one item of photo ID is seen, along with one document containing the patient's address):

  • birth certificate
  • marriage certificate
  • medical card
  • driving licence
  • passport
  • local authority
  • rent card
  • paid utility bills
  • bank/building society cards/statements
  • National Insurance number card
  • payslip

The form is not electronically sent back to the practice, it is merely completed on screen. Without a correctly completed and signed form the practice cannot proceed to register you as a patient.  When completing the New Patient Registration form or the Child Application form please also complete one of the Health Questionnaires listed below.

All newly registered patients will be routinely reviewed by a clinician. Patients may make an appointment with their doctor prior to a new patient check appointment.  


Step 3: Complete the patient registration questionnaire

Child Application Health Questionnaire

Within Boundary New Patient Registration  Health Questionnaire

Out of Practice Boundary New Patient Registration Health Questionnaire


If you are already registered and moving out of the L31 area and would like to continue with us please complete the following:

Disclaimer form moving out of area - already registered


As a digital exemplar practice:

  • all patients are encouraged to sign up for online services through the NHS app.
  • all prescriptions are sent electronically to the patients preferred pharmacy of choice.
  • all patients are requested to consent to text messaging for communication, video and sending of forms


Practice Boundary Map For Home Visits