If you are accessing this page in regards to queries about your second vaccination 


  • All patients who had their first covid-19 vaccination at Maghull Town Hall are in the system and their second vaccination will be scheduled at Maghull Town Hall


  • As per government protocol these vaccinations are planned for the 12th week from the 1st vaccination


  • Patients who were given a card with the 2nd appointment details on at the 1st vaccination should attend as requested unless requested to do otherwise. Such patients were booked via EMIS


  • If you were sent a text to book you will have been booked by the ACCUBOOK system. Such patients were not given a card as they will receive a second text 1-2 weeks prior to the second vaccination being due.


  • Due to unpredictability in vaccine delivery the vaccination team and practices are in some cases having to reschedule patients. Such patients are being contacted directly.


  • If you wish to speak to a professional about your second vaccination please ensure you contact your OWN GP. We regret we do not have responsibility for managing the queries of non-Westway patients.


Westway has made a significant contribution to this program through medical, nursing and administrative time. We are pleased to be involved in supporting this important program and proud that we have been able to help protect our community.

However we only have limited staffing. As such routine reviews for long term conditions and other initiatives have had to be put back.

Vaccination has proven to be a safe and effective way of reducing mortality and morbidity from a wide number of serious diseases. Patients should be aware that this program differs significantly from a usual vaccination e.g. 'flu' campaign including the following:


The covid-19 vaccination program is being managed centrally through a collaborative of Primary Care Networks. The South Sefton area is being served through a centre based at Maghull Town Hall and North Park Bootle. As such the practice is dependent on instructions from the vaccination centre. We do not stock the vaccine.



  • Patients who experience a red rash around the site of the first vaccine need to have the second vaccine in hospital. Please inform the practice in this case.


Astra Zeneca and clotting risk

The concern around clots and the Astra Zeneca covid-19 vaccine is around a very specific extremely rare immunological condition - not typical clots that cause e.g. deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolus, stroke, heart attack etc.
The Expert Haematology Panel advise that there is no evidence that individuals with a prior history of thrombosis or known risk factors for thrombosis are more at risk of developing the immune complication reported after the AZ vaccine. The risk of recurrent thrombosis due to COVID-19 infection is far greater than the risk of this syndrome.
Risk life threatening clots/ thrombosis in covid-19 infected patients requiring hospitalisation: 1 in 5
Risk of specific cerebral venous sinus thrombosis syndrome associated with Astra Zeneca covid-19 vaccine 4 in one million
For detailed information see the following